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"High-performance production and maintenance facilities to meet your requirements quickly and efficiently":







Test benches :

-Component test bed

-Control system test bed

-Cylinder disassembly and test bed

-Test bed for servo-valves...


Filtering and de-pollution :

-600L/min de-pollution bed with variable flow rate (55KW)

-Filter units

-Oil purification (liquid and solid de-pollution)


 Measurement :

-Measurement cases (flow-rate/pressure)

-Pressure gauges


Tank draining unit :

-Pump units


Particle counters

Construction :

-Drill presses, portable drills

-Radial and alternating saws

-Bench grinder, press, angle grinders

-Compressed air, cleaning tank


Hydraulic repairs :

-Misc. tools: extractor, tool chests

-Torque wrenches



Pipework :

-JIC, DIN crimping presses

-Parflange F37 Procedure


-TIG, MAG, semi-auto (MIG) welders……