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Because a breakdown never happens at a good time,

it is important to perform regular maintenance on your hydraulic installations: 

- To reduce breakdowns

- To reduce costs

- To make your installations more reliable



Maintenance services in France and abroad:

- Preventive maintenance,

- Conditional maintenance,

- Inspection, diagnosis and advice: flow-rate, pressure, temperature, motor voltage, particle counting...

- Oil analysis: we recommend regular inspection of fluids to guarantee a long life for your machinery

Maintenance contracts:

- On-site readings

- Intervention

- Preparing reports

- Recommandation...

Examples of maintenance services:

Marine-Military Sector

MOC (Maintenance in Operational Condition)



- Automation modifications

- Replacement of backup pumps

- Work on port-side impact, retraction and locking cylinders

- Complete renovation of startboard unit

- Remediation...


We offer this service to clean the hydraulic circuits of your equipment and pump units.


The idea is to capture circuit pollution with new fluid which circulates at high speed until the ideal level of cleanliness is reached for optimum operation of your machines.

Thus, we respect the environment by reducing wear on your machines, their toxicity and your energy consumption!!


NANFOURMA is an approved partner of Panolin for the replacement of mineral oils with biodegradable oils: