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4 hydraulic units

hydraulic unit hydraulic unit

Hydraulic units - Biomass sector


* Design and implementation of 4 hydraulic units

* Assistance with onsite commissioning


Technical characteristics:


- Pressure: 200 bars

- Flow-rate: 180l/min

- Power: 55kW

- Reservoir: 630 litres

- PARKER pumps




Hydraulic work on ships

hydraulic work on ships hydraulic work on Navy ship Hydraulic work on Navy ships

Hydraulic work on ships


 Ship Check:


- Testing hydraulic installations

- Certification

- Verification

- Replacement of obsolete parts

- Increasing reliability of hydraulic installations...



Hydraulic unit

Remote stainless steel control cabinet control Hydraulic unit offshore barge

Implementation of a hydraulic unit + remote stainless steel control cabinet for an offshore barge



On behalf of SUBSEA 7 (Acergy), implementation of a hydraulic unit for the SHOP:


- Design of hydraulic, electrical, wireless remote control parts...

- Supply of the unit, manufacture of pipework and distribution.

- Supply of electrical systems (power, control, radio, programming...).



Loading crane with Hagglunds motors

Maintenance of a loading crane equipped with Hagglunds motors





Pipework Pipework Pipework

Implementation of pipework on a crusher




Hydraulic unit

Hydraulic unit - adjusment of propeller pitch




Test bench

Test bench Test bench

Test Bench


Implementation of a test bench for a tidal generator system (renewable marine energy)


Hydraulic unit


- Pressure: 350 bars

- Flow-rate: 2x 239l/min

- Total power 2 x 75kW



After retrofit

Before retrofit

Complete retrofit of an hardening machine



- Assessment

- Hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, thermal reconditioning

- Renovation of the structure, painting



Press unit

Press unit Press unit

Implementation of an hydraulic transmission for a press unit


Closed loop hydraulic unit:


Pressure: 350 bars

Flow-rate: 1784l/min

Power: 475kW

Reservoir: 2000 litres

Closed circuit